How To Delay Periods Naturally: Follow Home Remedies to Avoid Periods Naturally

Periods are a natural occurrence in women, which occur every month in women. Some women also have extreme pain in their abdomen, waist while coming in periods. At the same time, women also delay it for a few hours or days on a wedding or other ceremony or on a special occasion. For which they use the drugs present in the market. But it is better that you mix menstruation in a natural way. Let’s know how they come.

Next you want to delay your period. That is, if you want to delay it, then avoid spicy food. Start avoiding black, chili and garlic. For this you have to eliminate spicy foods completely.

You can also use vinegar to delay menstruation. Consuming vinegar two or three times a day in a glass of water can help you postpone periods.

Eat lemon. If you want to delay periods, drink lemonade. One of the most useful home remedies to reduce or at least prevent periods

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