If the engine oil of the bike starts to turn black, then do this immediately, otherwise it may cause damage

Tips: If the engine oil of the bike starts to turn black then immediately change the oil

After purchasing the bike, its maintenance is also very important. If the bike has to take great care of its engine to increase its lifespan. For this, you will have to check from time to time that the oil put into it has become black. If this happens, do not ignore it at all. The oil may darken up to the engine seize. Changing oil is so easy that for this you will not need to go to a mechanic, you can change oil at home too.

Why does engine oil turn black?
By the way, whenever engine is serviced, new engine oil is added. But many times before the next service, the engine oil either starts to decrease or it starts to blacken. Sometimes this happens when we use more clutch. Apart from this, the oil turns black due to cleaning of dirt and carbon. Therefore, to increase the life of the engine, it is necessary to get the engine oil changed on time.

At what time should engine oil be changed?
By the way, the engine oil should be changed after every 5000 to 6000 km, while it should also be topped up every 3000 km. But if you drive in heavy traffic every day, then you should check the engine oil once every 1500 kilometers.

How to change engine oil
First of all, you can read the instructions to change engine oil in the manual book of your bike / scooter scooter. Before changing the oil, start the bike / scooter for about five minutes and then stop. This will heat the oil and light it. Also, remove the cap under the engine and collect the oil in a vessel. Shake the vehicle thoroughly and take out the entire oil from the engine. You can also clean the engine by flushing it, for this you put a little petrol in the engine and start the engine, after that all the waste will come out, then you can change the new oil. This increases the lifespan of both oil and engine. Note that while changing the engine oil, the oil filter should also be changed, this greatly improves the performance.

Is it right to top-up?
Oil keeps burning with time due to excessive driving, due to which its quantity also starts to decrease. But at times the oil remains smooth even if it is low, in such a situation, the oil top-up puts more pressure on the existing oil, nowadays, it is said that all the new engines are coming, not oil top-up.

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