If these symptoms appear, then understand that the disease is more dangerous than cancer

Liver cirrhosis is a very slow disease. In this disease, the size of liver starts to shrink and it starts getting stiff. Due to which many cells are destroyed and fibers are replaced by fibers. At the same time, the structure of the lever also becomes abnormal, leading to a condition of portal hypertension. If this disease is not treated at the right time, then the final cure for this disease is liver transplant ie liver transplant. Today, liver psoriasis is said to be more dangerous than cancer. Let us know about the major symptoms of liver cirrhosis.
Major symptoms of liver cirrhosis
1. Appearing blood cells on the upper part of the stomach

If blood cells begin to appear on the upper abdomen, then it should be examined immediately.
2. Loss of appetite

If the appetite decreases continuously and the appetite does not increase even after several treatments, it can cause liver cirrhosis.
3. Feeling pain in the place of liver

If the place where the liver is, it hurts to touch, one should be cautious immediately.
4. heart pounding

Heartbeat also intensifies due to many diseases, but if a person is suffering from liver cirrhosis then he also gets this problem.
5. Muscle Pain

If pain persists in the meat, it should not be taken too easily. This symptom is also considered quite dangerous.
6. Nose bleeding anytime

If the nose often starts bleeding, then the problem of liver cirrhosis becomes very strong at that time.
Apart from this, if the breath starts to swell, the blood starts to vomit, fever comes with repeated infections, confusion and memory starts to decline, then these are the main symptoms of liver cirrhosis. If these symptoms appear, then liver tests should be done immediately and contact a good doctor.

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