If this plant is around you, then definitely read this news once

Hello friends, all of you are welcome on our channel, there are many trees around us which we do not know much about, due to which we are not able to use them properly. Today I will tell you about one such miraculous plant which is found around the homes of all, but very few people know about it. Friends, the plant we are talking about is called Dhatura plant, if it is found around you, then do not leave it very useful.

The flower of Dhatura is considered the favorite flower of Lord Shiva. In addition to offering Dhatura flower to Lord Shiva, Dhature flower is also beneficial for health, it is beneficial for people who have problems of hair loss. After removing the oil of Dhatura seed and applying it on the bald area, hair comes. If you also have a problem of hair loss, then leave its juice on your hair, your hair loss problem will go away and your hair will become stronger.

Friends, if you find this plant around you too, then tell us by commenting.

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