If you also eat mangoes then be careful you may have these terrible diseases

Mango is not just called the king of fruits. People are very fond of this fruit coming in the summer season. Many types of mangoes are found in the market in India but some common ones like Alphonso, Dussehari, Langra, Chausa, Totapuri are the most famous. Eat any variety of mangoes, you get lots of vitamins and nutrients. In particular, it is considered a very good source of vitamin A. Mango is succulent and sweet fruit, people like it so much that sometimes they eat more than necessary. Just here all the problems start.

To quickly cook mangoes, businesses add calcium carbide to it. This chemical causes many types of health damage. You may have washed it with water while eating mango, but the effect of this chemical does not end with so much. Therefore, we should try not to eat large amounts of mangoes. This chemical in small amounts cannot harm you as much as it can cause in high amounts.

Gain weight

A medium-sized mango has 135 calories. Eating too much mango can cause you to gain weight. But this also does not mean that you do not eat mangoes at all. Eat small amounts of mangoes. When eating mangoes, keep in mind that there are no more calories in the diet.

Throat problem

A kind of fluid comes out near the head of the mango. If you do not clean it well before eating, then it goes into your throat and causes problems. It can also cause pain and swelling in the throat.

Boils and rash

As already mentioned here, mango tasir is hot. Overeating it can cause pimples or pimples on the face and other parts of the body. So eat mango, but definitely in limited quantity.

Arthritis and sinus damage

People who have arthritis and sinus should eat less mangoes. Consuming both types of raw or ripe mangoes can increase your discomfort.

Raise blood sugar level

Mango has a lot of natural sugar. Although natural sugar is good for the body, but if you eat a lot of mango then it can increase blood sugar significantly. In particular, diabetic patients should take some care while eating mangoes.

stomach problems

Eating too much mango and especially eating half-mangoes can have a direct effect on the stomach and can cause stomach upset. Apart from this, the hotness of mangoes can also spoil your stomach. If you eat a little mango then your digestion will be good.

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