If you also filter the flour before making chapati, then know this truth related to it

Most women sieve the dough before making bread, and after making the bran, they make rotis from the remaining fine flour, this makes the rotis soft and tasty, but let us tell you that for health It is not good, but eating bran-rich flours is very beneficial to health, today we are going to tell you about the benefits of breads made with bran flour.

These benefits come from eating bread made with bran flour

The body’s immunity increases
Eating bread made with bran flour increases the amount of immunoglobin in the blood, which increases the body’s immunity.

Digestive problems go away
Digestive problems are overcome by consuming bread flour made of bran flour, because it is rich in fiber.

Heart problem and obesity
This flour reduces cholesterol, which does not cause heart problem, as well as its intake does not cause obesity.

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