If you are also troubled by irregular periods, then these may be the 5 reasons apart from pregnancy

In growing age and run-of-the-mill life, girls often become careless about their health. Which has a direct effect on periods and, despite not having pregnancy, periods start coming late. Due to this, many types of problems are felt in the body as well. Irregular periods are the problem of most girls today. From hormones to increasing weight and reasons for not taking healthy diet, this problem also starts. Although Irregular Menstrual Cycles are common, but if this happens frequently then it can become a serious problem. In such a situation, while taking care of your health, we will tell you about some reasons which every girl needs to know.

Pregnancy is usually the most common cause of delayed periods. But this is only when you are married and you are thinking about doing baby planning. Irregular periods reasons If it is also due to pregnancy, then it is very important for you to know these reasons.

5 major reasons for delayed periods (Irregular Periods Reasons)

1. Tension
The biggest reason for lifestyle changes is stress. Stress not only affects the menstrual cycle, but many diseases also take birth. Stress affects hormones inside the body that cause irregular periods. If you have a stress problem, consult a doctor and exercise.

2. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
PCOS or PCOD is also a reason behind irregular periods. In which there are many cysts in the ovaries. Periods can be delayed in this situation. For this, it is important to contact a doctor because PCOS is a medical condition that the right treatment is very important.

3. Obesity / Weight
Excess fatness and thinness can be harmful to health. If your weight is irregular then its effect can also be seen on the menstrual cycle. Because hormones are affected due to excess weight and periods are delayed. For this, it is important that you eat at the right time and include yoga in the routine.

4. Medicines
Medicines also affect the menstrual cycle. Especially birth control pills. These drugs prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs. Apart from this, if you are allergic to any medicine, then your periods can come late. But whether it is so or not, you must contact the gynecologist once.

5. Any disease or disease
If you have been suffering from some disease for a long time, then it can also have an effect on periods. Diabetes also affects hormones and for this reason periods become irregular.

Note: The information given in the article is general. If you are also struggling with such a problem, then please contact the doctor once. UPWartNews does not claim responsibility for this information.

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