If you have a cold then do not consume these five things, it may increase the problem

Health Tips: If  cold, never consume these five things, it may increase the problem

People catch colds in cold weather. But the change of weather is not only responsible for the cold cold, but there are some things in your food as well that can keep you away from the cold. Milk is very important for good health, but if you have a cold, then the consumption of milk can increase your problems. Actually, dairy products make more mucus in our body. Therefore, do not consume milk when there is a cold.

Junk foods are not very good for health anyway. The problem can be aggravated by the use of them in cold cold too. The oil in junk food can play an important role in producing mucus.

Excess sugar can also increase colds. Excessive intake can weaken the immune system and then it can make your cold-cough worse.

Those cold foods should not be consumed in cold. Caffeine is found in tea, coffee and soft drinks. Avoid using them during a cold cold because they make a thick mucus in the throat.

In the same way, if water comes from your nose, then it can also be due to spicy and spicy food.

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