If you ride a bike or scooter every day then do not ignore these things at all

People who go to the office or do their important work on daily scooter or bike should drive carefully, because a little carelessness can cause a lot of damage. Here we are drawing your attention to some such small things, keeping in mind that you can avoid accidents.

Wear original helmet
Always use a helmet while driving a two-wheeler. Avoid wearing local and cheap helmets, because such fake helmets cannot save your life at the time of accident. Buy helmets according to your size.

Follow speed rules
Often people run the bike with enthusiasm, which is not true at all. According to the roads and rules, keep the speed of your bike, a big accident can be reduced by riding the bike at high speed.

Proper use of both brakes
Use both brakes whenever you want to apply a brake while running the bike, doing so makes the braking effective, and the bike does not skid. So get used to using both brakes properly.

Make the proper distance
While riding the bike, stay on the front of the vehicle. So that if the front-runner has to brake at once, then you should be careful. In such a situation, the risk of accident is less.

Avoid riding a bike in bad weather
Whenever the weather is bad, or there is heavy rain, avoid riding a bike in such a situation, because in such a weather, the road is slippery and the risk of accidents increases.

Perfect wind in tires
The air pressure in the tires of the bike should be perfect, because the low pressure of the air spoils the performance of the bike and also makes a difference in the mileage.

Air filter cleaning required
Cleaning of the air filter in the bike is very important, because the dirty air filter spoils the performance of the engine as well as the wrong impact on the mileage. Therefore cleaning the air filter once a month is important.

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