If you see these 5 symptoms then immediately become alert, delay may be fatal for you

अगर दिखाई दें ये 5 लक्षण तो तुरंत हो जाएं सावधान, देर करना हो सकता है आपके लिए घातक

Appendix is ​​a piece of intestine. It is called appendicitis in the medical language, a problem not only for the patient but also for the doctors because its treatment is not so easy, the reason is that it is often difficult to ascertain whether the pain is of appendix or not.

Since we have many organs in our stomach, the symptoms of stomach, fever, vomiting etc. are the same in many diseases of these organs. Also, physical examination and prior history of many organs and other diseases of the stomach are also similar, so the problem of ensuring appendix and its final diagnosis often remains. However, it is wrong to remove this residual limb for the diagnosis of colic due to minor or other reasons without thorough examination.

One end of this residual piece of intestine is open and the other end is completely closed. If a particle of food enters it, due to the closure of the other end, it cannot get out from the other side. The result is that the appendix becomes infected. Let us know these 5 main symptoms of appendix.

Main symptoms of appendix

1 When you have a sharp and unbearable pain in your stomach like never before, then you need to get it checked immediately. Pain caused by appendicitis can be the pain caused by the navel being further down and to the right side. Many times this pain or discomfort can occur suddenly while walking, while coughing or from any bounce in the car. It can also mean that the appendix is ​​on the verge of explosion or has exploded. If this happens, contact a doctor immediately.

2 If you are experiencing severe pain on the right side of the stomach as well as boredom, vomiting, anorexia or loss of appetite, it can be dangerous symptoms of appendicitis.

3 In many people, appendicitis also occurs below the pelvis, causing it to be closer to the bladder. In this case, if the bladder is infected with appendix, then you are motivated to urinate again and again and there is pain while urinating.

4 Problems like fever or chills indicate any type of infection in your body. If your appendix is ​​infected, then your body throws it out in several ways and gives you a hint of it. In such a situation, you are having high fever and other problems along with related pain in the stomach, then talk to the doctor immediately.

5 If you have started living mostly confused and the mind is not able to focus, then this infection may cause deterioration. In this situation, infection increases and affects other parts of the body through blood and the amount of oxygen in the blood also decreases. It is not necessarily an issue related to appendicitis, but it can also be a serious problem.

If the above symptoms are seen then you should contact the doctor immediately and delay in this situation can be fatal.

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