If you want to get fair skin then never apply these 7 things on your face

In today’s time, every person wants to look beautiful. For which he also uses a variety of beauty products and home remedies. In fact, when problems like pimples and pimples start appearing on our face, then we take the advice of any person and use those things on the face, which causes our facial problems to increase further. Today we are going to tell you about some things that you should not forget to use on your face.

(1) baking soda
Many people ask to use baking soda to make the skin darker, but for your information, tell us that alkaline is found in enough quantity in baking soda, which deteriorates your skin’s natural. If your skin is more sensitive, do not use baking soda under any circumstances.

(2) lipstick
Many women have been seen using lipstick as a blusher. By doing this, the facial follicles start closing. Due to which a lot of problem related to the skin starts.

(3) toothpaste
Many people use toothpaste to remove the pimples and pimples of their face. But doing so may spoil your good skin. By using toothpaste directly on the face, the pores of the face are closed. So that the problem of pimple gets increased further.

(4) Vinegar
Many people use Venicar to make their face more beautiful. Do not forget to use the old vanigar even on your face. The acidic nature becomes even stronger due to the complete elimination of water contents in the old vinegar. With which you can read the rashes on the face, so do not use venigar on your face at all.

(5) Lemon
Often it has been found from many people that they use lemon juice to enhance their facial tone. But using lemon regularly can give harmful results in your face. Because the pH value of lemons is very high as well as amal nature. You can either apply lemon water or rose water on the face.
(6) hot water
In the winter season, you can wash your face with lukewarm water. But washing with more warm water and lukewarm water can eliminate the natural smile of your face.

(7) Ino
Ino is a type of medicine that removes the acidity of the stomach, but some people recommend applying it on the face and claiming that it will make the face blond, but you will never try this recipe by mistake because The chemicals found in it can cause great harm to the skin of your face. Just imagine if there was any benefit from this, then the chemical ingredients found in it would have been rich by using cream and powder making companies in their products.

Friends, do you also use these things in your face

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