If you want to get full benefits of milk, then keep these 7 things in mind

Most people drink milk to keep their health in check. But many people make some mistakes by drinking milk, which can lead to loss instead of profit. Come, let us tell you what things you should keep in mind to get the full benefits by drinking milk –

1 Many people have a habit of drinking milk after meals. But never eat milk immediately after eating food. This takes time to digest and makes you feel heavy.

2 Whenever you are drinking milk after a meal, only take half a meal, otherwise you may get upset due to digestive problems. Take care of it especially at night.

3 Take sour or salty things before half an hour of drinking milk or after drinking milk. If this is not done then there may be a problem of bloating or belching.
4 Never consume milk with onions and brinjals. The chemicals present in them can cause skin diseases by interacting with each other. So keep some time difference in their intake.

5 Never take milk with fish or meat. This may cause white spots or leucoderma on your skin. Apart from this, both of them contain protein, due to which digestion takes longer.

6 If you are drinking milk for strength and nutrition, then take cow’s milk. But if you want to gain weight, then use buffalo milk. But buffalo milk also works to increase phlegm, keep this in mind.

7 Never drink cold milk, nor use sugar in it. Cold milk is digested slowly, which can cause gas in the stomach. And sugar dissipates nutrients and causes problems in digestion.

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