Indian American Republican Politician Nikki Haley Is Campaigning For Trump

Indian American Republican politician Nikki Haley is campaigning for Trump

The presidential election in America is going to be held in just a few days. Meanwhile, there is strong campaigning from the Democrats and the Republican Party. Bharatvanshi Nikki Haley is also campaigning for President Donald Trump.

He said Trump had stopped giving billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan because he shelters terrorists and was trying to kill American soldiers.

Bharatvanshi Nikki Haley is promoting Trump a lot among the Indian people. In an event organized for the Indian people, Haley administered Trump’s foreign policy, and said Trump had a good understanding of foreign policies.

Nikki Haley said at an organized event that we need to be smart for how to do foreign policy. Further stated, the relationship with India was never so strong. President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi get along well.

Two-time Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley was the first cabinet-ranking Indian American in any presidential administration. Now she is campaigning for Trump, seeking votes for him.

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