Japan Earthquake: Japan shaken by extreme earthquake, people are shaking videos on social media

Japan Earthquake: Japan jolted with 7.1-magnitude earthquake on saturday night, terrifying videos are getting posted on social media

Tremors were felt in Japan late Saturday night. The intensity of this earthquake in Miyagi and Fukushima, northeast of Japan, was measured on the Richter scale of 7.1. Although there is no news of any kind of damage right now, during this time people felt tremendous shock in their homes, shops and workplace. People are now putting many shocking videos of this earthquake on Twitter which are going viral on social media.

Tremors felt in Tokyo too

According to the Government of Japan, the earthquake occurred on Saturday night at around 11.8 am, although there is no risk of tsunami from it at present and they are assessing the damage caused by it. People living near the coastal area have been advised to go to higher places as a precaution. Earthquake tremors were felt from the capital Tokyo to the southwestern parts of the country. This is the same area where the devastation caused by the tsunami and earthquake in March 2011. In 2011, a severe earthquake in Fukushima caused a tsunami and killed more than 18,000 people in this incident.

Investigating damage at Fukushima nuclear plant

According to the Government of Japan, they are investigating whether there has been any damage in the Fukushima nuclear plant due to the earthquake, and also said that any other nuclear plant in the country has any kind of damage. No complaints of disturbances have been received yet. The Fukushima Nuclear Plant is in the famous city itself. According to the Geological Survey Department, after this powerful earthquake in Nami, there have been two more earthquake tremors in the city. Where the intensity of one is measured 4.9 and the intensity of the other is 5.3.

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