Just eat these 3 things everyday, there will be no lack of calcium in the body

Use these 3 things to remove calcium deficiency in the body and make bones strong-
1) Friends, if your bones have also become weak and you also lack calcium in your body, then you can consume cheese everyday to overcome it. This will not only remove calcium deficiency, but also make bones strong. Because consuming cheese increases the amount of calcium in the body.

2) Friends, as you all know, consumption of spinach is very beneficial for the body. Because all those nutrients are found in sufficient quantity in spinach. Which strengthen the body and bones. Consuming spinach everyday reduces calcium deficiency in your body.

3) Sprouted grains contain high amounts of calcium. If you consume a sprouted diet every day, then the calcium deficiency from your body soon goes away and you can take soybean once a week if you want.

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