Just eat this thing with banana for 7 days, then you will be surprised to see the amazing benefits

Banana is a very good fruit and eating it gives you many benefits. Banana is a good source to keep the body fit. Eating banana helps you in good health. Some people have problems of physical weakness and weakness and despite millions of efforts, this problem is not solved. But banana can solve your problem easily. Today we will tell you how to consume bananas if you want to increase your weight. Let’s know

Bananas are found in plenty of iron, fiber and protein and if you consume bananas with milk, then your body benefits twice as much. If you eat 2 bananas every morning and evening with a glass of milk, you will get the benefit very soon. Within a few days your weight will also increase and the body will also gain strength. You will feel the difference by doing this remedy for two weeks. In addition, if you drink cashews and raisins in milk, then you will get physical strength.

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