know how much chapati and rice you should eat to avoid obesity

मोटापे से बचना है तो जान लें, एक दिन में कितना खाएं रोटी और चावल

Rice and roti are the most important food of Indian food. Almost every Indian consumes both rice and roti daily. But people who fall prey to fat and have to lose weight, then stop consuming both of them. The general rule for weight loss is that you have to eat less carbohydrate foods or do not eat at all. But when it comes to weight loss, people often want to know how much bread should be eaten in a day? Let’s know.

Roti (chapati) not only contains carbohydrates but also other essential nutrients. Wheat is the best source of protein, fat, phosphorus, magnesium, folate and iron. By consuming bread, the body gets all the necessary nutrients.

How much bread should be eaten in a day?
Carbohydrates, proteins and fat are called micronutrients. To perform various functions in the body, their body needs more quantity. First of all, you should decide your daily carbohydrate intake. Based on that, you decide how much bread you should eat in a day.

If you take 300 calories at lunch time, you can eat 2 rotis. This will give you 140 calories and you will get the remaining calories from vegetables and salads. Keep in mind that in addition to bread, the vegetables and fruits you are consuming also have carbohydrate content. Eating 4 rotis throughout the day is considered better for weight loss. You can also eat millet bread.

(Note:  consult Doctors before taking any measures)

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