Know how the habit of cigarette can make you impotent!


Do you have a habit of blowing every worry, every tension in cigarette smoke?

Or is cigarette smoking an important part of your lifestyle?

If this is the case then you should be careful, because the habit of cigarette can be heavy.

Cigarette habits can not only spoil our health but can also kill our life. It is said that smoking cigarettes can cause more than 25 fatal diseases.

Cigarette habits greatly increase the risk of heart attack, paralysis, asthma, cancer, and especially lung cancer.

By the way, everyone is aware of the ill effects of smoking on cigarettes. Despite this, cigarette smoking addiction did not get rid of. But this same habit of men can raise questions on their masculinity because the addiction of cigarette smoking can also make them impotent.


Affect sperm

According to a report, the habit of cigarettes can prove to be very dangerous for men because due to continuous cigarette smoking, men’s masculinity starts to decrease.

– Smoking cigarettes can decrease the sperm count in men and the DNA of sperm can be completely destroyed.

– In men who smoke cigarettes, not only sperm levels can decrease, but they may also lack some proteins.

– Cigarette smoking causes obstruction of blood flow in our body due to which oxygen is very difficult to reach our organs, due to which the stimulation ability of the person decreases.

– Cigarette habit affects men’s fertility to a great extent and the habit of smoking excessive cigarettes increases the risk of impotence.

It is also believed that parents who smoke cigarettes during or before conception are more likely to have a girl child.

– A new research has shown that smoking cigarettes damages the sperm of men, which does not allow the male fetus to stop in the wife’s uterus.

However, the habit of cigarette does not easily leave the pursuit of human being.

But if you really want to maintain your manhood, then cigarette addiction will have to say goodbye forever. And it makes sense to try to quit cigarettes today instead of postponing tomorrow.

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