Know what is a Kombucha drink? Will make your skin healthy and glowing

kombucha drink

It is often said about tea that it is not good for our skin and health. In this case, if you want good skin and also have tea lover, then you can try this fermented black and green tea kombucha instead of regular tea. This version of tea is healthy as well as beneficial for your skin. Kombucha is a type of drink that looks exactly like ice tea but it is actually a fermented version of black and green tea. This drink contains sugar and scob bacteria which is a healthy beverage. Which is left to be firm for a while. This drink is very beneficial for the skin.

Vitamin B

The main content of kombucha is vitamin B. It has the properties of Vitamin B2, B6, B12 which are used in skin products. By drinking this beverages your screen starts glowing.

Hydrates skin

It is conjugated in liquid form because it contains mostly water and it makes your skin look blushed. Drinking this drink reduces the fine line in the skin. Simultaneously reduces the aging process.

Cleanses skin tone

Tea is very beneficial for our skin because it contains antioxidants. Its fermented version has the properties of black and green tea. This will make your skin look shiny.

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