Learn how your health can be determined with the color of urine

Toxins are released from the body through urine. Urine consists mostly of water and the rest of minerals, uric acid, vitamins and enzymes. Usually, the color of urin is yellow. Whenever a person passes urin first thing in the morning, its color is more dark yellow. But the number of urin that goes after it throughout the day, the color of urin starts becoming very pale yellow. The color of your urine can be indicated by whether you are completely fine or not. That is, the color of urin also gives information about your health. Know which color of urine indicates what.


yellow color

If your urine has a yellow color, it means that you are completely healthy. Generally, the color of urine is yellow.

dark red
Many people have urine of dark red color. It is a direct sign that you are vulnerable to some disease. Usually having this color of urine means that you may be in the grip of one of the serious diseases of liver failure, severe liver infection, hepatitis, tumors and cirrhosis. So if someone’s color of urin comes even once, then he should contact the doctor immediately.


If the color of urin is orange then it can also be due to the consumption of any medicine. In addition, if you have consumed a substance containing natural citric acid, the color of urin may be orange. However, even if the color of urin appears once, consult a doctor immediately.

Urine color is white
Many times the color of urin is white. This may be due to mixing of lymphatic fluid in urin. Apart from this, it can also be caused by filarial infection.

Be green
Sometimes the color of urin can also be green. Although this happens rarely. The green color of urin may be due to the color that is added to the food. Apart from this, some medicines can also be caused by eating. But if someone’s color of urin happens even once, then they must consult a doctor.

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