Making dieting plans to lose weight? pay attention to the amount of calories needed for daily

If you are making diet plan for weight loss, calories requirement be considered

Be it male or female, the fear of increase in weight bothers everyone. But instead of getting upset, it is more important to know what is the real reason for the increase in weight because it can be reduced by knowing it.

Important reason for weight gain

Calories have a direct role in increasing body weight. Actually, calorie is a unit of energy measurement which is usually used to know the amount of energy present in food and drink. People who are fond of dieting need to use fewer calories on a daily basis.

How many calories is average required?

Many factors work behind the answer to questions like your age, height, current weight, metabolic health. Men wishing to lose weight must reduce 500 calories from their daily diet. This can reduce one pound of weight in a week.

Women up to 26-50 years old

Women aged 26-50 years need two thousand calories daily. By consuming 1500 calories a day, one pound can be easily lost in a week.

Women above the age of 20 years have 2200 calories per day and for women above 50 years the average calorie intake is 1800.

Exercise women need calories
Women who walk or jog for 3 miles daily require 200 calories more than normal women. Women exercising using 1700 calories a day can lose one pound of weight in a week.

Men between 26-45 years old need calories

Men between 26 and 45 years of age should consume 2600 calories throughout the day. Therefore, if men who want to diet, reduce 500 calories daily to 2100 calories, then their weight will be reduced by one pound in a week.

Exercise men need calories

Men who walk or jog for 3 miles daily require 2800 calories per day. If 500 calories are reduced to 2300-2500 levels then one pound of weight can be lost in a week.

Men between the ages of 20-25 years should reduce 200 calories more than older men, and men between 50-65 years should reduce the average 200 calories daily.

Proper calorie requirements for children

Children require more calories at the age, body shape, stature and level of hard work. They should consume 1200-1400 calories throughout the day. Teen age children should use an average of 2000-2800 calories per day. Children who are overweight can reduce the increasing weight by reducing the amount of calories required by 500.

How to reduce daily calorie intake?

Any person can easily reduce calorie intake by making changes in diet plan and lifestyle. Increasing protein intake, consuming fruit juice instead of soft drinks, excessive use of water, exercise, reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates will help reduce calories.

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