Men should keep these things in mind during partner’s periods

This month of the month in which women go through extreme pain and irritability. During this period, there are many changes within women. They get angry at talk, change in mood. In such a situation, men start feeling like a burden and they do not know what to do. If you also struggle with this problem, then we are going to tell you that doing things that will be relaxed in your life and your partner will also be happy with you ……

1. When he talks to you about his problem, listen to him and try to understand how he must be feeling. He would love to do so. Try to fulfill their every need.

2. Help her in household chores such as washing clothes, utensils or doing some household chores. Do not wait that she will tell you and then you will get up from the bed.

3. Whatever he says to you in those days, do not take it to heart. She may have become very bad at that time, but if you are patient with her, she will give you more love and respect.

4. He is already in a bad mood due to periods and if you make him angry from above, neither will you live comfortably nor will he. Do not do any work that irritates your partner.

5. Take care of him on such days and leave your essential match on TV and listen to his problems. If you do this, your respect will increase even more.

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