Mirzapur 2 Review: Mirzapur standing there even after two steps, adventures like season one disappear

Mirzapur 2 Review season 2 story is slow and unconnected

Mirzapur 2 Review: Where Mirzapur was in 2018, it stands there in the second season as well. Crime, bloodshed, politics, abuses and sex. There is no such interesting twist in the stories of the main characters that you get shocked. Almost all have come out on the old journey and they have been written that you know more or less what their destination will be. Bahubali Akhandanand alias Kalin Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) is still ruling Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh and son Munna Bhaiya (Divyendu Sharma), who is from his first wife, needs his chair. On the other hand, the carved Bhaiya’s henchmen Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal) and Golu (Shweta Tripathi Sharma), daughter of police officer Gupta, are moving into the new series with a mission to avenge the murder of their brother and sister in the previous series respectively.

The wait for Mirzapur season-2 on Amazon Prime was long overdue. But this season is filled with a number of sub-plots added to the main story of Mirzapur. Especially UP Chief Minister Suryapratap Yadav, his brother JP. The story of Yadav, widowed daughter Madhuri Yadav Tripathi, or the story that arrived in Siwan from UP to Bihar in the story of Adha-don Dadda (Lilliput) and her twin sons Bharata-Shatrughan (Vijay Verma), is very long. Similarly, Sharad’s son Sharad, son of gangster Shukla of Jaunpur’s rival, who was killed last time, has also got an entry here. Which does not add anything new to the story. In this story of the crime world, the police is the last and the strongest. The second season of Total Deposited Mirzapur adds to the main storyline of Mirzapur by adding short stories. The result is that the original story gets shattered. Kalin Bhaiya, who has already become a non-performing asset in the first season for his wife Bina (Rasika Duggal), has received a son Ratna here. Vibhushan scandal in Lanka has also been prepared here due to pregnant Bina’s maternal uncle and Guddu-Golu becoming a scape. In this part of the story, for a while, Kulbhushan creates a Kharbanda effect.

In season 2, it is more clear than last time that the Tripathi family is very hollow and can disintegrate anytime. Only the old tape of Munna and Kaalin Bhaiya’s relations is played here. Carpet brother Bhaiya wants to see Munna become capable and Munna Bhaiya has put the throne of the throne. This season has ten episodes, with the first two running at a slow and boring pace. From the third, the story is a bit poised and then scattering here and there catches some momentum but then collapses again in the last two episodes. Mirzapur, with the artistry and newness that director duo Gurmeet Singh and Mihir Desai created in the first season, is missing in the second season. It is mostly felt here that it is just an attempt to capitalize on the success of the first season.

The new characters introduced in the story do not produce effects and the old ones seem to be worn out. The reason is the script. Mirzapur-2’s story has more impact of business and politics than fear of carpet brother. Whereas in both these cases, the carpet brothers are constantly lagging behind. It is not even here that Guddu-Golu, who is seeking revenge from them, is playing a game of checkmate. They have a separate, safe and no-risk world here. Though the dialogues of Mirzapur say that it is a forest, but the horrors of the forest and the fear of the dreaded animals are missing in this season. There is a dialogue of Mirzapur-2 that it is necessary to fear a man, not to die.

The writer-director did not take this into consideration in the story because this time the characters are less afraid, more are dying. The weak love stories of Guddu-Shabnam, Robin-Dimpy on him do not create any thrill. The character who became the weakest in Mirzapur-2 as compared to Season One is Golu. In the part of Shweta Tripathi that became Golu, there has been a useless infatuation here. There is no graph of their character here. Neither does she fall in love with Guddu nor is she seen burning in the fire in exchange for killing her sister and lover. She remains suppressed in front of Guddu Pandit the whole time. Gun in hands does not increase the weight of his person. Almost the same happened to Rasika Duggal. Their initial impact diminishes as the story progresses. It is definitely that due to the changing color of his character, he remains interested. Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal and Divyendu Sharma have played their characters with full energy. Because of them, there is little power in Mirzapur-2.

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