Mix these two things in roasted chanas, gas, constipation and indigestion problems will be over

Grams raw, roasted and sprouted all the way. Gram is rich in protein. Its regular intake makes the body powerful and powerful. Consumption of gram is very beneficial for the stomach. Today I am going to tell one such solution, in which two more things have to be combined with gram. Consumption after this will eliminate the problems of gas, constipation and indigestion forever. Let us know to the left of that remedy.

Essential ingredients and intake method

For this, you will definitely need 500 grams of roasted gram, 200 grams and 700 grams of jaggery. First dry the dough thoroughly or heat it by putting it in a pan, so that the moisture of the dough is lost. Now mix the gram wells in the lye and place it in a vessel in which moisture does not reach.

Now bring 50 grams every day in the morning and take out gram and eat it on an empty stomach with 50 grams of jaggery. Do not consume anything for half an hour after eating it. If this material is exhausted then prepare it again. By consuming it regularly for two months, the problem of chronic gas, constipation and indigestion ends.

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