Mixed pulse of moong and masoor will keep your stomach always healthy, know other benefits

Health Tips Eating Moong Masoor Mix pulse keep you healthy in rainy season

Protein is very important for our body and we get this protein by eating lentils. The food seems incomplete until there is no pulse in the Indian plate. In most homes, pulses and vegetables are cooked daily. People eat pulses every season, be it winter, summer or rain. By the way, all pulses are beneficial for health. But if some pulses are eaten according to the season, then its benefit is doubled. For example, you should avoid eating urad dal during the rainy season. Urad dal is very heavy and it tastes bad so it should be eaten less during the monsoon season. Apart from this, gram and pea pulses should be eaten relatively less in the summer season as these pulses are very strong. Those who have gas problems should not eat arhar dal at night. But moong and lentils are called evergreen lentils. You can eat them in any season. If you mix moong and lentils and eat it, it proves more beneficial. Mixed lentils of moong masoor is very beneficial for our stomach and digestive system. That is why, even in illness, doctors recommend eating moong-masur pulse. These pulses are also considered beneficial in Ayurvedic. So tell you what are the benefits of eating moong-lentil mixed lentils.

Beneficial moong-masoor mix lentils in every season
You can eat Moong-Masoor Mix dal in any season. Especially in the rainy season, this mixed dal is very beneficial for the stomach. Our digestive system becomes very weak during the rainy season. Nothing gets digested quickly. In such a situation, moong lentils and lentils are very digestible. By the way, it is advisable to eat things with cold effect in summer and those with warm effect in winter. If you want, you can also make these pulses different according to the season. The moong dal effect is cool, while that of lentils is warm. Therefore, it is advisable to mix these two pulses in the monsoon season.

Moong-Masoor Dal is rich in protein

By the way, all pulses are considered to be a good source of protein. Protein is very important for staying healthy and healthy. Apart from this, protein works to make new cells in our hair, nails and body. That is why it is said that one bowl of pulses should be eaten daily. Mixed lentils of lentils also fulfill the protein requirement in your body. That is why if you do not mix daily, mix it with moong and masoor dal for 4-5 days in a week. Mixed lentils of moong masoor is very beneficial for children and the elderly at home too.

Stay away from sugar, cholesterol and heart diseases

People who eat moong-masoor mixed lentils 4-5 times a week also get relief from many problems. Eating this mixed pulse reduces cholesterol in the body, also reduces the risk of diabetes. Moong Masoor Mix Dal is a good source of low fat, which keeps heart diseases away from eating. These pulses contain a lot of fiber, which reduces bad cholesterol in the body and reduces heart diseases. Apart from this, there is also a good amount of iron and zinc in the mixed lentils of moong lentils, which also works to increase blood in your body. And also keeps muscles healthy

Easy to digest and a boon for children and the elderly

Pulses are not easy to digest due to their high protein source. This is the reason why it is advisable to eat lentils during the day. It is advisable to eat moong lentils even if there is any stomach problem. Problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, constipation, sedation, gas, flatulence occur due to poor digestion. In such a situation, doctors recommend eating light lentils of moong lentils. If this pulse is diluted, it becomes even more digestible and immediately relaxes the stomach. Apart from this, children can also be given a mix of moong-masoor in their meals. The digestive system of the elderly also becomes weak, they must also eat this mixed pulse.

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