Mosquitoes suck the blood of some people for these 5 reasons, are you one of those?

Many times it happens that many people are sitting around you but mosquitoes just bite you. In such a situation, this thing also comes to mind many times, do mosquitoes keep looking only to bite you. If this thing comes in your mind too many times and you are looking for the answer, then we will tell you what the reason is. Actually, there is a scientific region behind it. In these scientific reasons, you may have a particular blood group or there may be some other reason. Learn the reasons for mosquito bite.

O blood type


It has been observed in many research that mosquitoes are more attracted towards O group. That is, people who belong to O group are bitten by mosquitoes more than the rest. Certain types of elements are found in the blood of O group. These elements attract mosquitoes. According to researchers, mosquitoes do not have the ability to digest all types of blood groups.

It is believed that mosquitoes bite the people who sweat a lot. This is because sweat contains ingredients such as lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia. Mosquitoes are most attracted by these elements.

People who release more gas
Mosquitoes also bite those who release gas frequently. This is because the release of gas means that carbon dioxide is coming out of the body. This carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes.

During pregnancy
Women have to face many similar problems during pregnancy. According to research, during pregnancy, women take a deeper breath than other ordinary women. In addition, their body temperature is higher than normal. In addition, women also release more carbon dioxide. Due to which mosquitoes also bite pregnant women more.

Black clothes
Many a time people must have seen that those who are wearing black clothes bite mosquitoes more. Especially at night time. Actually, mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colors. Especially if someone is wearing black. It is said that mosquitoes can see darker colors more clearly at night. For this reason, mosquitoes bite them the most, especially those who wear dark colored clothes.

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