Mulethi has 5 unmatched benefits, you will be surprised to know its fourth benefit

Mulethi is a famous and popular herb. Mulahthi is called Yashtimadhu due to Kanda and the original being sweet. Other names for this are Madhuk Klitak, Jethimadh and Liquorice. Its multivariate area is about one and a half meter to two meters high. The roots are round and long wrinkled and spread. Many branches emerge from the root and scandal. Usually, theberge occurs only at high altitudes. In India, it has been successful in setting it up to Jammu and Kashmir, Dehradun, Saharanpur. By the way, liquorice from Arab, Turkistan, Afghanistan is commonly found in the market. But its success in high places has attracted the attention of botanists to produce it in the dry areas of the Himalayan foothills. Mulethi is useful in the treatment of cough, sore throat, colic tuberculosis, bronchial inflammation and epilepsy etc. Consumption of liquorice is also beneficial for the eyes. It has antibacterial potential. It is also beneficial in internal injuries of the body. In India it is used by putting it in betel leaf. Let us know 5 wonderful benefits of liquorice.

benefits of liquorice

1. Eyes are cured by washing the eyes with decoction of mulethi. Mixing equal quantity of fennel powder in liquorice powder and eating one teaspoon in the evening removes eye irritation and also increases eyesight. Grind liquorice in water and soak a lint of cotton in it and tie it on the eyes, it reduces redness around the eyes.
2. Mulethi is also beneficial in ear and nose diseases. Putting cooked milk from liquorice and dry grapes in the ear is beneficial in ear diseases. Mix 3 to 3 grams of liquorice and six small cardamoms in sugar, 25 grams of sugar candy, make a decoction and put 1-2 drops in the nose, it provides relief in nasal diseases.

3. During the troubles of mouth ulcers, sucking honey in a piece of liquorice is beneficial. Sucking liquorice also cures cough and throat disease. To produce phlegm in dry cough, one spoon of it should be licked with honey thrice a day. Drinking 20-25 ml decoction in the evening clears the respiratory tract. Sucking liquorice removes hiccups.
4. According to Acharya Balakrishna, liquorice is also beneficial in heart disease. Mixing 3-5 grams and powder of kutki powder with 15-20 grams of sugar-containing water regularly is beneficial in heart diseases. It also provides relief in stomach disease.
5. Skin disease is also beneficial. By applying liquorice paste to the pimples, they heal quickly. Grind liquorice and sesame and mix ghee and apply it on the wound, it heals the wound.

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