Myanmar Navy begins war practice on submarine given by India, India will also provide bullet-proof jackets to neighboring country

Myanmar gets first submarine from India, Navy starts warfare ANN

Myanmar has received the first submarine from India, after which the Myanmar-Navy has also begun a submarine warfare. China too has been trying to supply the submarine to Myanmar’s Navy for quite some time, but India has won Has given a submarine to Myanmar for the kill. Please tell that this is the first submarine of Myanmar.

Submarine joined naval battle fleet

Let me tell you that on Friday, the Ministry of External Affairs had announced to give one kilo-class submarine, INS Sidhuveer, to Myanmar and today this submarine also joined the Myanmar Navy’s combat fleet and started its maneuvers. A video of this Indian submarine has also surfaced with Myanmar warships. During this time, large officials of the Myanmar Navy were also present there. Myanmar has named this submarine given by India as ‘Min Ye Thein Kha Thu’. India had taken this INS Sindhuveer from Russia in 1988 and almost all the systems have been refurbished in Visakhapatnam to the submarine before delivering it to Myanmar.

India and Myanmar have close relations

Let me tell you that for the last several decades, there was a lot of closeness between Myanmar and China. But in the last few years, India and Myanmar have become very close. This is the reason why India has given one kilo-class (diesel) submarine, Sindhuveer, to Myanmar despite it being much less submarine than China.

Strong military relations between the two countries in the year 2015

Strong military ties between the two countries began, especially in 2015, when India crossed the Myanmar border to red cross borders and wiped out militants, including a large number of militant camps. After that, Myanmar also took a big crackdown on the militants operating along the border with India. During that time, National Security Advisor (NSA), Ajit Doval visited Myanmar.

India is giving 500 BP jackets to Myanmar

Earlier this month, Army Chief General MM Narwane and Foreign Secretary Harsh V Shringla went on a two-day Myanmar visit. During that time, General Narwane gave two bullet-proof jackets as gifts to the Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar. Actually, India is also giving 500 BP jackets to Myanmar. Apart from this, India is also giving Myanmar till tank shells, radar and sonar. Earlier, India had also given torpedoes to Yangon (Rangoon). India is also helping neighboring country Myanmar in fighting Kovid. Apart from this, both countries are also working fast on the Kaladan-project to connect the northeast states with Myanmar.

Border dispute between Bharati and Myanmar still

However, there is still some dispute between India and Myanmar about the border, due to which the demarcation of the border has not been done yet and India has not been able to make the border. But both countries are constantly talking about this and the border guarding force of both countries meets at the border.

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