Never drink these 4 things in a copper glass, it will harm your health

Health Tips Drinking these 4 things in copper vessel may be harmful for your health

You must have heard about the benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel. It is said that keeping water in a copper vessel overnight and drinking it in the morning provides many benefits to the body. Copper works by detoxing our stomach, liver and kidneys. By drinking water in a copper vessel, the dilution system is strengthened. Those who want to lose weight, drink water in a copper vessel. Copper works to keep you young for a long time.

This is the reason that nowadays people have started using copper glass instead of steel in their homes. But do you know that drinking anything other than water in a copper glass can cause huge harm to your health as well. There are many such things to eat and drink, which can be spoiled by eating by keeping them in a copper vessel. Today we are telling you about 5 such things that you should never eat and drink in a copper vessel. They can harm your health.

Milk and milk products- If you consume milk, curd or paneer in a copper vessel in addition to water, it can harm your health. No dairy products should be used in copper utensils. If curd is consumed by placing it in a copper vessel, it can harm your body instead of profit. Minerals and vitamins in yogurt react together with copper, which may cause food poisoning. Apart from this, you may also have problems like nervousness or nausea. Never put milk, curd or cheese in a copper vessel.

Buttermilk – Drinking buttermilk is beneficial for health, but if you drink buttermilk in a copper glass, it can harm you. Actually buttermilk has properties that react together with copper. And adversely affects your health. Keeping buttermilk or lassi in a copper vessel can also be harmful. The properties of buttermilk are destroyed by this. And can be harmful to health.

Sour things- Any kind of sour things should not be kept in a copper vessel. These things react together with copper. You should not keep things like vinegar pickle, mango or numbi pickle, sauce or jam, jam in the copper vessel. Eating them can cause problems like depression, weakness or nausea. Keeping such things in a copper vessel for a long time can be harmful for you. This may cause copper poisoning to you.


Lemonade- Drinking lemonade in the morning has many benefits. Often people drink lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning to lose weight, but if you drink these lemonade in copper glass instead of steel or glass glass, then it can harm you. Actually, the acid found in lemon reacts with copper. Which can be harmful for your health. Drinking lemonade in a copper vessel can cause problems in your stomach gas, stomach pain, vomiting.

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