Never eat these two things after eating the egg

You should not consume citrus fruits with curd. Yogurt and fruits have different nutrients. Due to which they are unable to digest, it is not advisable to take both.
Milk is a good source of protein and eating fried fried things with it can cause a reaction. Salty things should not be eaten with milk. Do not eat any salty thing with milk tea. Milk protein accumulates due to the addition of salt and reduces its nutrition. Milk should not be consumed even after eating green vegetables and radish. Drinking milk should be avoided after eating egg cheese and meat. Eating it together can cause difficulty in digestion.

Boiled eggs should never be eaten after eating lemon. Eating this can cause a lot of damage in our body. Due to this you may also have a heart attack. So if your heart is weak, do not use lemon after consuming eggs.

Milk and banana
We all consume milk and bananas, but you should not consume milk, eggs and bananas. Eating bananas after eating eggs can cause immediate harm to a person. So never eat bananas after eggs. Do not consume these things especially after eating boiled egg.

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