Never eat this thing after eating corn, otherwise this fatal disease will occur

It is rainy season and in such a season, eating hot corn is a bit more fun. During the rainy season, people roast and eat Bhutta and it is very tasty to eat Bhutta. But after eating corn, do not forget to consume some things. This can cause you many health related diseases. Let’s know about those things that should not be consumed after eating corn.

No person should consume water for half an hour after eating corn. By doing this you may have many stomach related diseases and your digestive system can also be badly affected.

No person should eat curd after eating corn. If you consume curd after eating a bhatta, then it produces many such elements in your stomach, which causes white spots on your skin as well as worms in your stomach. That is why you do not consume anything until half an hour after eating the bhatta, otherwise you may have many types of diseases.

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