Never eat this thing while eating curd, otherwise death may occur

All of you must be eating yogurt and eating yogurt is also good for health. Yogurt has been described as a good food item in Ayurveda. Yogurt contains many nutrients, which keeps our stomach healthy. But by consuming some things with curd, it can also become poison for you. Today we are going to tell you what you should avoid eating with curd. Let’s know

You should not forget to eat Urad Dal with curd. Let me tell you that consuming yogurt and urad dal together increases your blood pressure greatly.
If you do not believe, then you should check your blood pressure before eating yogurt and urad dal together. Eat big yogurt without salt and spices. Now after this, you check your blood pressure again. You will get your blood pressure 20 to 25% higher than before.
If you consume urad dal with yogurt continuously for several consecutive days, you may also be at risk of heart attack and death.

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