Never eat this thing while eating lady finger, otherwise this dangerous disease may occur

Everyone likes to eat ladyfinger. Because bhindi’s vegetable and bhujia are very tasty to eat, besides being delicious, it is also very beneficial for health. That’s why most people like to eat lady’s vegetable and bhujia. Okra is beneficial for health. But do not forget to consume some such things with lady finger. Because it can cause many dangerous diseases.

Let us know what mistakes should not be made while eating ladyfinger
Those who have stones problem should not consume the building. Because this can increase the stones even more.
Everyone likes to eat ladyfinger. But do not consume the ladyfinger in large quantities at the same time. If someone does this, they may have to face problems like bile.
Okra and bidi are known enemies of each other. Therefore, both of these should not be consumed at one time. If this happens, it can cause problems like white spots. Because lady finger is hot and radish is cold. Therefore, these two should not be consumed together.

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