Never eat tomato in these 3 diseases, otherwise the problem may increase

Hello friends and you are very much welcome in this post. Friends, as you know, tomatoes are very beneficial for our health. And by consuming it, there are many good changes in our body. But let us tell you that in these 3 diseases, do not forget to consume tomatoes. Because if you people eat tomatoes in these diseases then you may have to face many problems.

Do not consume tomatoes in these diseases
1- On kidney stone
If someone has kidney problem or kidney stones, then such people should not consume tomato, in such a situation the problem may increase further.

2- Having fatty liver
If a person is troubled by the problem of fatty liver, he should not consume tomatoes, in addition to those who have stomach gas problems, they should not eat tomatoes, this can increase their disease.

3- On having diarrhea
Tomatoes should not be eaten even when there is diarrhea, there is an element called turpentine, which can increase the problem of diarrhea.

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