Never take bath after eating food, know why

Do not take bath after eating food its dangerous

Many people have a habit of bathing after eating food. If you do this too, be careful. Doing so can make you seriously ill. We are saying this because the blood circulation after eating food is more towards the stomach, where the process of digesting food is going on. Bathing causes the temperature of the body to drop and in such a situation, the flow of blood to control the temperature increases towards the rest of the body. Because of this, the amount of blood around the stomach becomes high and the digestive system’s activity slows down.

One should not sleep immediately after eating. By doing this you may also have heart burn, chest irritation, snoring and sleep apnea. Take a walk after eating and only then go to sleep.

Do not do this work even after eating

tea Coffee
Drinking tea or coffee immediately after a meal is a very bad habit, leave it immediately. This hinders the process of digestion. Due to this habit, you may also suffer some other problems like- having anemia, having problems of staying hands and feet cold, problems like turning the head and feeling hungry. Tea or coffee should not be consumed 1 hour before meal and after 1 hour.

The fruit
Consuming fruits immediately after eating also damages your health. If your stomach is full and at that time you will start eating fruits, then it will be difficult for the stomach to digest these fruits, due to which you will not get enough nutrition of the fruits.

Cold water
It is a habit of many people to drink cold water after eating. But this should not be done. Drinking cold water immediately after eating causes the food to freeze in the flock or bunch which slows down the process of digestion and makes it difficult to digest food. You should drink lukewarm water or room temperature water after 45 minutes of eating.

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