New Zealand general election: Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern’s Labor Party registered a spectacular victory

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Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern’s Labor Party has won a resounding victory in the New Zealand general election. This information was given by news agency Reuters on Saturday. Votes were cast here on Saturday. The counting of votes started after about an hour.

According to New Zealand media reports, the Labor Party received 49 percent of the vote and a total of 64 seats. The majority figure in the 120-member parliament is 61. Judith Collins’s National Party received 27 percent of the vote and a total of 35 seats. ACT New Zealand Party got 10 seats. However, the official result will be announced later. Let us tell you that there was already a strong possibility of Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern’s return to power in the New Zealand general election. Ardern has won the hearts of a large public opinion in the country through its liberal and inclusive policies.

After the stunning victory, PM Ordern said, “I am very happy with the results that have come out today.” However, I was already expecting victory. I know that my party workers have worked hard. We will continue our work. I will not change my team.

His first term as Prime Minister, which began in 2017, saw major crises such as the horrific terrorist attacks and the corona epidemic. But the endurance and foresight that Ardern showed during this time was appreciated worldwide. New Zealand is a country with a small population, despite Ardern’s tenure, it has been cited as an example of the best governance in the world.

Ardern’s Labor Party was cited as the choice of 46 percent of voters in opinion polls just before the vote. Surveys had estimated their major rival National Party to be 31 per cent, Green Party 8 per cent, ACT New Zealand Party 8 per cent and New Zealand First Party 3 per cent.

According to New Zealand’s election system, every voter casts two votes. The Parliament of New Zealand has 121 seats. Of these, 71 MPs are directly elected. The remaining 70 MPs are elected on the basis of the percentage of votes polled by the parties.

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