People whose clothes have white stains due to sweat, they must know the truth of it

Friends, it is normal for people to sweat from body during summer season. In summer, the sweat released from the body keeps the temperature of the skin of our body normal. But often you have seen on the clothes of many people that white stains have occurred due to sweat. Today we are going to tell you the truth of this.

Sweating in summer and getting some substance in that sweat is good for our health. Some harmful and toxic substances come out of our body in the form of sweat. Which causes white stains on the clothes.

In summer, the substance that comes out in the form of sweat is nothing but salt. Due to excessive salt in the body, they often come out in the form of sweat. Which gather at one place on the clothes. Because of which white spots are formed on the clothes. Due to excess salt in the body, bones start to weaken. Therefore, the release of salt from the body in the form of sweat is beneficial for health.

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