Pregnant women should not make mistakes even while sleeping, otherwise the baby may be weak

Hello friends, you must know how much pregnant women have to take care of themselves, so that their baby is protected. But most pregnant women make mistakes while sleeping, which makes their future child vulnerable.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about these mistakes. So let’s know.
Sleep on the stomach

Pregnant women who sleep on their stomach, their baby becomes weak, because all the weight of the uterus falls on the back of the vein. This can cause the child to be born with a disability or other disease. If you also sleep on your stomach then stop sleeping on your back from today.
Sleep on the right hand side

Pregnant women should never sleep on the right hand side, because sleeping on the right hand side has the full effect on your heart, due to which the baby in your womb does not get oxygen and nutrition properly. At the same time, your and your child’s blood circulation becomes weak, which makes the child weak.

The best position for pregnant women to sleep is on the right hand side, because sleeping on the left side leads to blood flow and the baby gets plenty of oxygen.

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