Prime Minister Modi congratulated New Zealand’s PM Jasinda Ardern on the historic victory, said – both countries will work together in the future

PM Modi congratulates New Zealand Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern on historic victory, says - will work together with both countries in the future

In the general elections held in New Zealand, Jasinda Ardern has once again won the Prime Minister of the country. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has also congratulated his victory. PM Modi has said in his congratulatory message, ‘My heartiest congratulations to New Zealand Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern on her stunning victory. Remembering our last meeting a year ago, I look forward to working together to take India-New Zealand relations to a higher level ‘.


Will form government with absolute majority in Parliament

Let us tell you that on Saturday, Jasinda Ardern won a spectacular victory in the general election. Arden’s Liberal Labor Party received 49 percent of the vote, compared to the Conservative National Party’s 27 percent vote. With this, with 64 seats out of 120 seats and 49 percent votes, now she is going to form the government with an absolute majority. This is Ardern’s second term as Prime Minister.

Alliances had to be made with different parties

Significantly, the Liberal Party had been trying to get an absolute majority in Parliament for a long time, which had not happened since the introduction of the proportional voting system in New Zealand 24 years ago. In this situation, various parties had to combine to form a government. But this time, writing the change of change, Jasinda Ardern and her party are going to form the government in Parliament on their own.

Strict lockdown imposed during corona infection

Of course Jasinda Ardern has won this victory only because of her work. The way the Corona infection virus has made stringent lockdown arrangements in the country to prevent the spread, their popularity graph has skyrocketed. In fact, his strategy worked and this country with a population of 50 lakhs did not allow community transition for 102 days. However, new cases of corona infection were later reported in Auckland. After this, here too, he imposed another strict lockdown and stopped the new spread of the virus.

However, the work of Ardern has also had a very pleasant result, the public has openly voted for him in the general election. After which she is now going to become the Prime Minister of the country for the second time.

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