Read messages on WhatsApp Web without opening chat, know the easy way

Read message without open chat in WhatsApp Web, know what is the easy way

Read messages on WhatsApp Web without opening chat, know easy way New and very special features are coming for users on WhatsApp. With the new features, users get a better and fun chatting experience. There are many features of WhatsApp that we know about, but the company also brings new features for WhatsApp Web.

Today we are giving you information about one such special feature of WhatsApp Web. With this trick, you can read the messages on WhatsApp without opening the chat. If you want that the person in front does not know that you have read his message, then you can adopt this trick. Let’s know what you need to do for this.

Read WhatsApp message without opening chat

You first have to turn on WhatsApp in the phone and connect it to WhatsApp web. For this, you have to open WhatsApp in the phone. Then click on the three dots given in the side.

Here you will see the option of WhatsApp Web. Now scan the QR Code given in WhatsApp Web with WhatsApp QR Code of your mobile. Now your account on WhatsApp will be opened on your desktop.

Now after WhatsApp Web is open, if a message has come, then take the cursor over that chat. Now you will have full message show and you can read the message without opening chat.

Now the person sending the message will not even know that you have read his message and you will read the message.

Let us tell you that on WhatsApp, everyone chats with a very different and different person. In such a situation, we join a particular group, but do not want to show that even after reading chat we have read chat. So you can adopt this trick. It happens many times that we want to read the message but do not want to show it to anyone. In such a situation, it is a very useful feature.

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