Russia has most hydrogen bomb in the world, know India’s position

Today, Russia is a country that competes with the US in military strength. According to one report, at present, Russia has more hydrogen bombs than the US. Which can destroy the earth in a moment.
7 countries in the world have hydrogen bombs.

These countries are Russia, America, Britain, France, China, India and North Korea.

The difference between a hydrogen bomb and an atom bomb.

Atomic Bomb: Uranium or plutonium is used in nuclear bombs. Its technology is called Fission. That is, when an atom bomb explodes, the molecules break in two and emit large amounts of energy. These are called atomic bombs.

Hydrogen bomb: Hydrogen bomb does not break molecules, but a third molecule is produced by colliding two molecules. It generates huge amount of energy which brings destruction in the form of fire. It is considered the most dangerous in the world.

Russia ranks first, while India is sixth in the list of hydrogen bombs. Which has the power of hydrogen bomb.

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