Saliva dripping from the mouth is the cure for every disease, benefits will surprise you

Do you know that saliva in our mouth can cure many of our diseases in a pinch? Mouth saliva is very good for our body. We never pay attention to how much saliva produced in the mouth is beneficial for our health. But if it is deficient in the body, there can be a variety of diseases and risk of infection, from maintaining the taste of the mouth. Also it helps in protecting you from many health related problems. God has given saliva in the mouth of everyone as a gift. Let us know what saliva can do. Come, what can the saliva of our mouth do?
To remove dark circles under the eyes: –
If a person has dark circles under his eyes, then wake up in the morning and gently massage under the eyes with the saliva of the mouth, by doing this, the dark circles under the eyes will be cured but experiment will have to be done for 1-2 months.
To remove the eye glasses: –
Whether a child or a young person, anyone who has weak eyes and has any number of glasses, those people have to apply saliva collected in the mouth overnight like kajal or rose water, without rinse of water. | You should do this at night and wake up in the morning and wash your mouth after 1-2 hours so that saliva can do its work. No matter what the glasses are, it is 100% possible, but you will have to continue the experiment until the number of your glasses gradually reduces to zero and the result will get 100%. Children’s glasses will get off quickly but the adults may take some time There is no side effect of saliva
For patients with diabetes: –
If the diabetic patients get hurt somewhere, then the place where there is an injury will start salting the wounds with saliva in the morning. Because the saliva of the mouth is antiseptic. They are the best medicine for diseases, which you get for free. Due to this imbalance, today the person suffers from many diseases. Whereas in the mouth of any healthy person, 1000 to 1500 ml of saliva is produced daily which helps to clean the cavity, harmful bacteria and fine food particles present in the mouth. Saliva contains ‘saliva parotid gland hormone’ (SPGH) which reduces the effects of age from the skin and can make you look younger for longer. Also, saliva contains an anti-bacterial element called lysozyme and the immune protein ‘A’ which protects the gums and throat from many types of harmful infections.
Beneficial for skin
If there is any type of ringworm, wake up in the morning and apply mouth saliva without rinsing it to cure chronic ringworm. Also, morning saliva is also used to cure eczema, other boils, pimples. Morning saliva is also very useful in removing the stains that remain after the boils or wounds in the body. Morning saliva is very useful for any cut in the body, or if there is any wound.
Beneficial for stomach
Saliva contains an enzyme called tyline which helps in improving our digestive system. It is said that morning saliva is very beneficial for the stomach. When you drink water, the saliva stored in the mouth overnight goes inside your stomach with water. Which proves to be very beneficial for the stomach. Hence morning saliva is very valuable. Do not waste it just like that.
Saliva protects teeth
Saliva contains elements like sodium, potassium, phosphate, calcium, protein, glucose which make teeth strong. The elements present in it protect the teeth from harmful infections, so that the teeth do not rot. It acts as a protective shield on the teeth.
Get rid of bad breath
Sometimes saliva in the mouth can also cause bad breath. Food particles and bacteria left in the mouth sometimes cause infections, which also causes bad breath. Saliva helps eliminate these particles and bacteria.

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