Sapna Choudhary shakes her leg on the Daroga ji song, viewers got too much excited

Sapna Choudhary Danced on Daroga ji song, fans liked her style of dance again

What to say about the practices of Sapna Choudhary. When these Haryanvi dancers come on stage and dance, the hearts of millions of people get beaten. Video song or stage performance Sapna Choudhary dance dance is everywhere. At the same time, when Sapna did dance on stage on the song of Daroga ji, even the viewers here go crazy.

Wonderful dance in pink suit

In this video, Sapna Chaudhary is seen wearing a pink suit. And the beginning begins with Sapna’s powerful thumbs and then she writes to the doctor. There is a huge crowd in this ceremony and as soon as Sapna dances on stage, a lot of applause is also played. These days, this throwback video of Sapna is becoming increasingly viral. You can also watch Sapna Chaudhary’s charmer in this video.

Sapna Chaudhary is in controversy

Sapna Chaudhary has been in the discussions for any reason other than her dance. A case of cheating has recently been filed against Sapna Chaudhary. Although Haryanvi Dancer is rejecting all these things and says that the truth will also be revealed when the time is right, but after the complaint has been lodged with the Delhi Police, the sword of arrest is still hanging on Sapna Chaudhary. Well, aside from these reports, Sapna’s professional life, she will soon be seen as an anchor in the end TV program Moussa A Vaartar where Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan will accompany her. Its promo has also been released. And from next month, this show will also be telecast. Which will air 5 days a week. That too at 7 pm.

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