Sleep at night with a lemon in the socks, you will be surprised to know its benefits

Some people’s ankles get torn too much. Due to this, the beauty of the feet is less and people also have a lot of difficulty in walking and they get a lot of pain. Today we are going to tell you a recipe that will make your torn heels easily correct. Let’s know

For this you will need lemon. You cut a lemon into two pieces and after cutting, rub the lemon on the soles of your feet and then put the lemon peel on top of your torn ankles and sleep in stocking.

If you sleep with a lemon in the socks overnight, it removes the dead skin of your ankles and starts new skin. This will fix your torn ankles quickly and your skin will remain soft.

Also, it clears the dirt on your feet and your feet also become white and the skin remains soft and soft. If you adopt this recipe for a few days, then you will definitely get the benefit.

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