Smoking can make you blind, know its terrible disadvantages

Health Tips Smoking can make you blind Here are its other deadly side effects

Most people believe that smoking is harmful to health. There is a risk of cancer and lung damage. But do you know that smoking addiction can make you blind. This increases the amount of nicotine in your blood. Due to which the symptoms of redness of the eyes, blurred vision, reduced eyesight and eye irritation are seen. Which is dangerous for retina. In addition, it also affects many other parts of the body. So let us tell you how smoking can affect your eyes.

Chance of cataract
Smoking can cause many eye problems including cataracts. People exposed to tobacco are found to be more at risk of cataracts than others. In the same way, caterers of nuclear and postier polar types also start to occur from a young age.

Increased level of nicotine in blood
Nicotine-rich tobacco is found in bidis, cigarettes and gutkha. Which has a bad effect on your body. It is common for the smokers to have a burning sensation for a long time. If it is not closed in time, it can damage your retina. High blood pressure and diabetes patients should not smoke at all.

Eye drops decrease
Smokers’ eyes can be harmed by the chemicals present in the toxic smoke of tobacco. The carbon particles present in its smoke can accumulate on the eyelids. Due to which the moisture and wetness of the eyes can be eliminated. If it persists for a long time, itchy eyes and blurred vision can occur. It can also cause eye light.

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