Smoking cigarettes with tea is fatal, change this habit immediately

Health Tips Smoking cigarettes with tea is dangerous change this habit immediately

Who does not like to drink tea Everyone is fond of tea. Many people drink 10-10 cups of tea throughout the day. Drinking more tea is harmful for health as well as another habit that can prove to be fatal for you.

In fact, many people have a habit of smoking cigarettes along with tea. This habit is very bad and it can cause you serious illnesses. Scientists believe that smoking cigarettes with tea is more likely to cause cancer. Rather, the probability of cancer increases by 30 percent.

Many toxins are present in tea. These are very dangerous. This can lead to a fatal disease like cancer. So never forget to smoke cigarettes with tea.

Something else came out in research

One research has reported that drinking green tea and smoking reduced anxiety in people as it interferes with the neurotransmitter receptor. An amino acid called L-thienine found in it helps in reducing anxiety. L-thienine also helps in increasing memory, attention and concentration. Green tea increases body metabolism and dissolves fat, which results in weight loss.

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