Take special care of your eyes, include these vegetables and fruits in the diet

For a long time we either work on laptops or computers or on mobile phones for hours. In the remaining time, we keep our eyes on the TV screen. It is included in almost everyone’s routine. Believe me, our eyes are busy with work more than our minds throughout the day. Due to this, eyes are weak. At the same time, due to Corona virus infection, when people are living more in their homes, the problem of eyes has increased more. To keep the eyes healthy, it is important to limit your viewing time. Also, by including certain foods in your diet, the eyes can also be kept healthy.


Vitamin A is beneficial


Blurred vision, dry eyes and watery eyes are signs that your eyesight is getting weaker. In such a situation, timely treatment is very important to avoid diseases related to the eyes. Along with this, you can keep your eyes healthy by including food rich in Vitamin-A in your diet. Actually Vitamin-A is full of antioxidants and it strengthens our eyesight and bones as well as keeps the immune system well. Eating food rich in vitamin-A keeps the eyes and cornies healthy.


Vitamin A rich fruits


1- Papaya


Papaya is such a fruit that not only makes our eyes but also skin healthy. Along with this, regular consumption of papaya can also get rid of hair problem and stomach related diseases. Papaya should be consumed 2-3 times in a week. It can be eaten raw or can also be eaten as a fruit chaat.




Vitamin-A is found in abundance in citrus-flavored fruit apricots. In addition, it also contains beta-carotene. This fruit must be included in the diet to keep the eyes healthy.


3- peach


Peach is a fruit that plays a very important role in brightening the eyesight. Some people may find its taste somewhat astringent. For this reason, the best way to consume this fruit is to prepare it as a delicious dessert and eat it. By doing this, you will be able to take vitamin-A necessary for eyes as well as taste.


This is the case of fruits which contain vitamin-A. Now let’s talk about those vegetables which are full of Vitamin A


Vitamin A rich vegetables




Green leafy vegetable spinach is a good source of protein, iron and vitamins that keep our body healthy. Consuming one cup of spinach fulfills 100 percent requirement of Vitamin-A required by the body.


2- Red Bell Papers


We usually use green capsicum more in our recipe but red-yellow capsicum or vine paper are full of vitamin A. That is why for your eyes, include red bell paper in your diet, very beneficial and full of qualities.


3- Carrot


Carrots are also an excellent source of Vitamin-A. In this, beta carotene is found, which goes into our body and turns into vitamin A Therefore, definitely consume carrots. You can eat carrots in a salad, in a sandwich, as a dessert. Carrot juice is also an effective way to increase eyesight.


4- Fenugreek


A good amount of carotenes is found in fenugreek. Consumption of this also brightens the eyes. Apart from these vegetables and fruits, consuming a glass of milk daily also provides great benefits. Milk helps in keeping our eyes healthy.

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