The risk of typhoid remains in this changing season, know the symptoms and the method of prevention

New Delhi: With the change in the weather, our body usually falls prey to some infectious diseases. The most common of these is typhoid, also known as periodic fever. Salmonella typhi is a typhoid, an infectious disease spread by bacteria. Symptoms of typhoid appear gradually in our body. Children generally suffer from typhoid fever during the monsoon.

Typhoid infection is most frequent in the absence of cleanliness. In addition, typhoid infection can also occur due to contamination of water. Typhoid bacteria spread very rapidly in the blood vessels of the human body. At the same time, false food or drinking water of a typhoid infected can also cause its infection.


Symptoms of typhoid


Initial symptoms of typhoid may be body breakdown and body pain. After which, fever gradually persists for a long time. At the same time, this fever can start from a mild level and go up to a higher temperature. In children, often with fever, they may have vomiting, diarrhea and severe stomach pain. With this, often during the typhoid, the body weight decreases significantly. Due to which the body becomes weak to a great extent.


Avoid typhoid


To avoid typhoid, we should avoid the use of contaminated water. Always use filter water can save us from this infectious disease. If you do not have the facility of filter water, then you can boil the water and drink it after cooling it. In addition, by keeping cleanliness around you, typhoid infection can also be avoided. To avoid this, eat green vegetables. It is better to always use fruits washed with clean water.

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