There are many benefits from eating sesame seeds, reducing depression and countless benefits

The weather has started to change with the beginning of October. The winter season has begun. Because of this, there has been mild cold in the morning and evening. Due to the changing weather, people’s health is bound to be affected. In such a situation, to protect yourself from diseases caused in this season and to keep warm, you start using sesame in your food routine.

You will have many innumerable benefits with the use of sesame and with this you will remain healthy. Sesame contains mono-saturated fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol. Sesamein contains an antioxidant called sesamin, which prevents cancer cells from growing. Not only this, mole copy is beneficial for prevention of heart related diseases. It prevents serious diseases like lung breast cancer, cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, leukemia.


Decrease depression
Some vitamins are found in sesame which are helpful in reducing depression. By consuming small amounts of sesame daily, you can get rid of mental stress.


Beneficial for skin
Soaking sesame seeds in milk and applying its paste on the face gives a natural glow on the face, and also enhances the complexion. Sesame oil is very beneficial for the skin. With its help, the skin gets necessary nutrition and the moisture is retained in it.


Prevent hair from becoming white
Use of sesame is considered beneficial for hair health. Using sesame oil or eating small amounts of sesame every day stops premature graying and hair loss.


Bone firming
Sesame contains dietary protein and amino acids that promote the growth of children’s bones. Apart from this, it is also very beneficial for the muscles. Its oil gives relief in pain.


Relief from cough
If there is dry cough, consuming sesame with sugar and water is beneficial. Apart from this, by lukewarm sesame oil with garlic, putting it in the ear provides relief in ear pain.

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