These 10 great benefits of dates will surprise you

Do you know, dates and dates are produced from the same tree. Both have warmth and both play a special role in strengthening the body. Due to the warm effect, its usefulness increases in winter. Come, know the unique benefits of date palm.

1. Menstruation: Many women also have problems related to menstruation during winter, date date is beneficial for this. Eating date-palms helps in menstruation and also provides relief in back pain.

2. Urination on bed: Urination is cured by eating dates. If urine comes again and again in old age, eating two date-palm dates would be beneficial. Milk with dates is also beneficial. If the child urinates on the bed, then also feed him milk with date palm. They provide power.
3. Blood pressure: patients with low blood pressure wash 3-4 dates in warm water and remove the kernels. Boil them with cow’s hot milk. Drink boiled milk in the morning and evening. Low blood pressure will get rid of in a few days.

4. Toothache of the teeth: Calcium deficiency diseases caused by eating hot milk after eating date palm, weakness of teeth, loss of bones, etc. are stopped.

5. Constipation: Constipation is cured by eating three dates dates and drinking hot water later. If the date of pickle is eaten with food, indigestion does not occur and the taste of the mouth is also good. The method of making pickle of dates is a bit difficult, so the pickle prepared should be taken.
6. Diabetes: Diabetic patients, for whom sweets, sugar etc. are prohibited, can use limited quantity of dates pudding. Dates do not have the deficiencies found in sugarcane sugar.

7. Chronic wounds: For old wounds, burn and burn the palm kernels. By applying this ash on the wounds, the wounds heal.

8. Eyes diseases: Eyelid diseases are cured by putting antimony of palm kernels in the eyes.
9. Cough: Toast the date date with ghee and take it 2-3 times a day, it provides relief in cough, sneezing, cold and mucus.

10. Lice: Grind date palm kernels in water and apply it on the head, head lice die.

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